Penis Health Issues – Penis Pain During Sex

Many guys experience some soreness after sex from time to time. The chafing caused by penetration or aggressive masturbation can irritate the penis skin, resulting in oversensitivity and pain. However pain during the sexual act can indicate that something more is going on. While most causes of penis pain are not serious and can be easily treated, knowing how to take care of the penis can prevent ongoing problems. Some of the most frequently seen penis issues are described below, along with tips for protecting sensitive skin and keeping the penis healthy and responsive.

Skin infections of the penis are common, and they can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Redness, swelling of the penis skin, itching and burning, painful intercourse, unpleasant odors and a whitish, chunky discharge are all common indicators of penis infection.

Thrush, or yeast infection – the same type that affects women – can cause painful penis symptoms like those described above. Men with an intact foreskin are especially prone to developing yeast infection, but circumcised men may also be affected. Fungal infections such as jock itch (or tinea cruris, as it is technically known) can cause a red, spreading rash and severe itching or burning that becomes worse on sexual contact.

While most men will experience some type of penis skin infection from time to time, the chances of frequent problems can be reduced by keeping the area clean and well-moisturized, as well as supporting penis health through the use of anti-bacterial and immune-boosting vitamins and minerals.

Guys who develop an infection after unprotected sex or who experience flu-like symptoms in addition to a sore or inflamed penis should seek medical treatment to rule out the likelihood of an STD.

Allergic reactions
Skin sensitivities and allergies can sometimes lead to painful intercourse and other uncomfortable penis symptoms. Vaginal fluids, lubricants, spermicides and the latex used in many condoms may cause allergic reactions.

Avoiding skin irritants, using non-latex condoms, and supporting overall penis skin health by keeping the skin well-moisturized and healthy can prevent adverse effects that can impair the enjoyment of sex.

Uncircumcised men who have difficulty retracting their foreskin or experience pain during intercourse may have a condition known as phimosis, which occurs when the foreskin is too tight to be withdrawn over the head of the penis. In this case, the glans, or head of the penis, may also be extremely sensitive to the touch, making intercourse a painful ordeal instead of a pleasurable experience.

Slowly retracting the foreskin with the help of skin-conditioning vitamins and moisturizers and gently introducing the head of the penis to manual stimulation may help to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by phimosis.

Bent or curved penis
A penis that bends or curves during an erection may result in painful or difficult intercourse. Curvature of the penis is often the result of scar tissue forming under the penis skin. Men who have experienced a traumatic penis injury are more likely to develop this problem. When the penis is visibly deformed, to the degree that sex is painful or simply not possible, Peyronie’s disease may be diagnosed. While the curvature may be surgically corrected, medical procedures can lead to problems with sexual function. Nourishing the penis with nutrients like vitamin C, which is needed to sustain healthy connective tissue of the penile skin, may help to prevent the formation of scar tissue that is believed to lead to a bent or curved penis.

Soothing and protecting the penis skin
Eliminating penis pain and protecting the penis from painful infections, irritation and skin reactions depends in part on skin nutrients and moisturizers that can be found in a high-quality penis health crème (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A penis health formula that contains skin-soothing vitamins and moisturizers can help to maintain the integrity of the penile tissue, as well as preventing infectious agents from penetrating the penis skin and causing soreness, swelling and painful intercourse.

How To Make A Baby Boy – Tips To Conceive A Son

A surprising number of couples look for ways of influencing the sex of their child. Indeed, when asked, most would prefer a mixture of boys and girls rather than having children of just one sex.

For those who already have daughters, many couples will look at how to make a baby boy and there are a number of simple steps you can take to tip the odds in your favor.

Firstly, it is important to understand that a number of factors will influence which gender of sperm will reach the ovum first and fertilize it. It is not simply a case of both types of sperm being identical, other than for their gender and the “winner” being the one which just happens to get there first! Male and female sperm exhibit very different characteristics and and understanding of what these are can help you to make informed choices.

What we do prior to conception, the timing and method of intercourse and what we eat all determine which gender of child we conceive. Usually, we unknowingly tip the odds one way or another and usually this is not an issue. However, if you are wanting to know how to make a baby boy, information is key!

Male sperm are smaller and faster than female sperm. In addition, they do not survive very long compared to the more cumbersome, slower female sperm. male sperm thrives much better in an alkaline rather than acidic environment. Also, our diet is thought to influence the potential sex of our children.

So How Can This Help Us?

1. The Timing Of Intercourse

Knowing that sperm have a very limited lifespan means that the timing of intercourse is crucial. If you are hoping to make a baby boy, you should aim to have intercourse as year to ovulation as possible, and this is where ovulation prediction kits can prove to be very useful indeed. Having intercourse a couple of days before ovulation means that the male sperm will have perished by the time ovulation happens, leaving the longer lasting female sperm ready for fertilization. If you time intercourse to coincide with ovulation as far as possible, the fast male sperm will reach the egg first.

2. The Environment

Male sperm prefer an alkaline environment and it is known that the area around the cervix is alkaline and therefore more friendlier to male sperm. By having intercourse in positions which favor deep penetration, the male sperm are more likely to thrive.

3. Diet

Women who consume at least their recommended daily calorific intake are more likely to make a baby boy. Additionally, foods which are recommended for women wanting to conceive a son include red meats, eggs, raisins, mushrooms, beans and bread. Also, eating saltier foods seems to favor the conception of a boy.

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The Top 7 Tips For Spicing Up Your Sex Life

No matter how hot your relationship is in the beginning, the flame is eventually going to burn out. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship can tell you that maintaining a good sex life takes a lot of time and effort. There are several obstacles to leading a spicy sex life such as a busy schedule, stressful job, and family obligations. You may believe that you know everything there is to know about having great sex and pleasing your partner but there is bound to be something you have not tried. The following 7 tips will help you get started in transforming a stale sex life into one that’s hot and stimulating.

1. Talk Openly with Your Partner about Your Desires

Take a moment to explore your sexual fantasies. Consult books, videos, magazines, and other sources to come up with ideas. It isn’t always easy or natural to find out what really arouses you so give it some thought and ask your partner to do the same. Talk openly about your fantasies so you can learn how to please each other better and become closer as a couple.

2. Redecorate Your Bedroom

Sometimes a simple bedroom makeover is all that is needed to spice up your love life. A bedroom full of distracting pictures, cable TV, and piles of laundry is not exactly conducive to wildly satisfying sex. Get rid of all the clutter, trade in the tired cotton sheets for something more sensual, and light some candles to get the mood going.

3. Spend Time Away from Home

When you are at home, your errands and daily obligations tend to stare you in the face so it can be difficult to let everything go and be in the moment. The occasional change of scenery can do wonders for your sex life. Whether you want to head to a ferris wheel, the forest, or a fancy hotel, take a break from your usual settings to put some excitement and romance back into your sexcapades.

4. Set a Date for Sex

While it might sound unromantic, setting a time and date for sexual encounters is a good idea for people in long-term relationships. For many couples, sex becomes an afterthought because their busy schedules tend to get in the way. Setting dates for sex gives couples something to look forward to and ensures that they set aside that much-needed alone time.

5. Bring Out the Blindfold

Blindfolding your partner increases sensory awareness because when one sense is hindered, the other senses are heightened. For example, a blind person has heightened senses of touch, taste, sound, and vibrations. Use this innate human ability to your advantage by blindfolding your partner and using feathers to touch and tease her. She won’t know where you are or what you are going to do next. Blindfolds create excitement and arousal to give your love life the boost it needs.

6. Role-Play and Dress Up

Pretending like you are someone else gives you the permission to act differently and experiment with new techniques during lovemaking. Whether you want to dress up as teacher and student or criminal and police officer, beat boredom in the bedroom with costumes, make up, and role-play.

7. Use a Pleasure Enhancing Foreskin Retraction Device

If you or your partner is an uncircumcised man, maximize sensitivity and increase sexual gratification with a foreskin retraction device. A foreskin retraction device is a pleasure enhancing toy that retracts the foreskin to expose the most sensitive areas, enabling you to experience maximum pleasure during lovemaking.

Follow these tips to spice up your romantic life instantly. Most couples in long-term relationships eventually a reach a stagnant period in their sex lives but constantly experimenting with new things will help you keep sex fresh, interesting, and stimulating. With a little effort and imagination, you can completely revamp your sex life and experience maximum pleasure in the bedroom.